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By September 8, 2017Dryer Repair
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Dryers are one of the few indispensable appliances in every home, they are essentially used to remove excess moisture from clothes after they are washed in a washing machine. You will agree with me that this laundry equipment is not an option but rather it is a necessity that makes laundry seem less of a burden. But a faulty or damaged dryer can be a headache.

There are quite a number of problem that can affect the functionality of your dryer, among these problems includes; When your dryer begins to make strange noise or vibrate, when your dryer doesn’t spin or it spin but refuses to heat up or doesn’t get clothes dry, when your dryer spins but immediately shuts off, these or other problems may be affecting your dryers. Dryers are lifesavers, so when your dryer develops fault, it could be challenging.

We at Viking Service are aware of the importance of dryers to the family and how frustrating it can be when your dryer breaks down. As a result, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that your dryer performs as it ought to perform. It doesn’t matter the type of fault developed by your dryer, at Viking Service we maintain updated stock of relevant equipment parts to ensure that your equipment receive the desired care.


LAUNDRYMEN:Laundrymen provides house to house wash, dry and fold laundry to residents in their immediate neighbourhood, this necessitate the use of a drying machine for a laundry man to effortlessly carry out his duties.For a laundryman, dryer is not an option, rather it is a necessity.

It is a laundry equipment that cannot be overlooked. The large quantity of clothes is something he cannot handle alone without the help of dryer that is in good working condition. A laundryman that is concerned with providing optimum and satisfactory services to his customers must have a dryer that is in perfect working condition. If your dryer isn’t working as expected and you observe some inconsistencies in its performance, the Viking Dryer repair is Los Angeles is your next call.

HOUSEWIVES: Thanks to housewives, every family member have clean and dry clothes to wear. The responsibility of housewives to the family is to care for the family and manage household chores. Dryers are major household conveniences that help to ease the stress of housewives and makes laundry less of an arduous task, but when the dryer starts acting up as a result of one fault or the other, then it is time to call Viking Dryers Repair Service in Los Angeles.

EVERYONE WHO OWNS A DRYER: For everyone who owns a dryer, Viking repair service is your best option.
Viking Repair services in Los Angeles are dedicated to providing the best repair and maintenance services to your dryer, thereby ensuring that nothing stops you from having a clean and dry clothes to wear. At Viking repair services, we easily identify the faults in your dryers and we immediately set to work on the identifies fault and ensure that in little time, your dryer is as good as new.


Skilled, Experience and Committed Technicians:One thing that makes us stand out is the availability of competent and proficient personnel who are versed in the practical application of technological equipment. Not only are they skilled, but they are experienced technicians committed to providing optimum services to our customers.

They easily identify any fault in your dryer, they are certified technicians whose level of skill and knowledge is outstanding. Take the bold step and give Viking repair Service in Los Angeles a call and you will be glad you did, our technicians are also trained to allay your fears and give you tips on how to make your dryer last longer.

Unequalled Customer Service: At Vikings repair service, our customer service is unrivalled, we are always on ground to provide answers to the numerous questions of customers. we provide services to customers before, during and after repairs. Our personnel interact with customers and adequately adjust to the personality of each customer. we provide impressive and technical assistance to keep our customers satisfied and happy. We place our customers’ concern above all things, prompt service delivery, rapid response to calls and patience is what we pride ourselves in.

Long Lasting Repairs: Our ability to provide repairs and maintenance services that is resistant to wear is one quality that sets us apart from others. Every repairs carried out at Vikings repair service is guaranteed to be long lasting and durable. positive customers are an attestation to our impeccable repairs.

Inexpensive Repairs: Our desire to ensure that every household dryer are in perfect working condition compels us to offer repair services at an affordable rate. You don’t have to break the bank to repair and maintain your dryers, our costs are affordable for everyone and we do not substitute quality repair service for low price, you can actually have both, i.e. low price and quality repair service.

You might have tried other repair services and you find out that the cost of repairing the dryer is equivalent to the cost of purchasing a new dryer, be rest assured that at Viking Dryer repair service Los Angeles, we offer your affordable repairs and your dryer will be as good as new.

Discounts: Viking dryer repair service Los Angeles also offer unbeatable discounts to its special customers. The combination of affordable repairs and unbeatable discounts makes Viking repairs service the best deal in Los Angeles. Our discounts are available to both new and dedicated customers, we welcome our new customers with $25 discounts while for long term customers we offer a whopping $30 discount and $50 discount for commercial appliances.

the discount we offer at Viking Repair Services is a reaffirmation of our commitment to ensure that every family has access to a dryer that works perfectly and to further prove our dedication to our customers.


We do not waste your Time: The experience of our technicians couples with their impeccable training enables us to carry out repairs effortlessly and in a limited time. We do not waste the time of our customers beating around the bush, we immediately identify the faults in the dryer and quickly set to work.

Our Expertise Is Limitless:we are not limited to a particular tyoe of dryer, no matter the spec, design, model or dimension of your dryer, we are equal to the task. our expertise is without limit as it incorporates all forms of dryers.

Rapid Response: Yes! we have several technicians who are daily on ground to attend to customers no matter the time. Technicians who will respond to your calls and attend to you quickly.

Cleanliness: Another quality that distinguish us from others is our knack for cleanliness, our technicians are known to ensure that wherever they work is properly cleaned and every equipment used are kept after use.

We, here at Viking Appliance Repair Service are always dedicated to provide value and best services to our customers. If you need range repair service at an affordable price, pick your phone and contact us!


1. Do you do home service?
ANS: Of course we do, all you have to do is give us a call and we will be at your doorstep in no time, our technicians are versed with all areas in Los Angeles and they can get to you in little time.
2. Do you stock Dryer parts?
ANS: Yes, we do, we have dryer parts for every type of dryers, we ascertain what part needs to be changed and we pick from our stock of parts to replace it.
3. Do you work on a particular type of dryer?
ANS: No, we work efficiently on any type of dryer, our technicians are versed and they are not limited by the model or spec, so no matter the type of dryer, we are capable.
There is no gainsaying that we are the best dryer repair service in Los Angeles, our achievements makes us the trusted name for repair services in Los Angeles. If you need a reliable repairer you can trust in Los Angeles, make sure you consider Viking Repair Services.




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