Viking appliance repair Los Angeles is a leading repair service firm located in Los Angeles, and we are committed to ensuring that every home in Los Angeles never has to worry about broken or faulty home appliances anymore. We know this because we bring so much more to the table –flexible schedules, timely response, efficient customer service, and above all expert technicians.

Our team of expert technicians are highly skilled and certified to work all kinds of appliances, and they never stop upgrading their skills. This is because; satisfying our clients is our top priority. We respond timely and before you know it we are at your doorstep ready to attend to your request.

The services we offer include:

Stove repairs: for every home in Los Angeles where home cooked meal and quality meal times matter more than anything; we make sure the heat returns to the stovetops with our reliable repair services.

Refrigerator repairs: we know that our client buys in bulk to save cost. And if the refrigerator won’t function optimally, you can call on us to attend to your needs.

Range repairs: ranges are complicated, but we know that many homes and restaurants depend on it to prepare elaborate meals. So, we make sure the happy times never end.

Freezer repairs: a melting ice cream is a sorry sight, and it is only a faulty freezer that can make that happen. When we take a look at it, we go all out to make sure everything returns to the way it used to be – frozen.

Oven repairs: whether the oven won’t program, the door won’t latch on, or the heat just isn’t there; guess who’s got your back. Viking appliance repair is always there any time you need us.

Barbecue repairs: the fun doesn’t have to end yet, because there is absolutely no act your barbecue can put up that we don’t know about. We can be there in no time so that the grilling can continue.

Venthood repairs: if the smoke is going in the wrong direction, there is no cause for alarm. We know exactly what has gone wrong with the vent hood. We can have it working as good as new again.

Dryer repairs: if your dryer won’t work just when you need it most, you only have to call us and we will fix it. And you can trust that the problem will never return again.

Dishwasher repairs: we know that adishwasher makes clean-up easier after a nice family meal. So, there is no way we are letting you do all the work yourself because of a faulty dishwasher.

We render all of these services with dedicated professionalism. Our technicians work with utmost discretion, and are always ready to answer every question courteously.

Also, we have reputabletechnicians. Therefore, our clients never have to worry about who they are letting into their homes.

Simply put, we offer affordable, efficient and reliable services that you can trust.