Top Ten companies in Los Angeles that are famous all over the World.

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The United States has been an originator of many startups companies and new businesses are been set up and formed on daily basis. Los Angeles is no exception as businesses are been set up daily, from sole proprietorships, partnerships, to corporations.

Los Angeles, the world famous City of Angels is a center for business, culture, education, banking and finance, and manufacturing. Los Angeles is known as an ‘innovator’ of new ideas, concepts, entrepreneurial spirit, and of anything that moves the world. Los Angeles is rated as the house for most of the largest companies in the world majorly in all industries; manufacturing, steel, telecommunications, technology, education, insurance, marketing, media, oil and gas, chemical and several others.

Likewise, in the aspect of the labor force, LA offers a vast employment pools with high-end knowledge and skills. LA is blessed both technological wise and innovation wise.
This list of the top ten world famous companies in Los Angeles has been selected based on their financial capabilities, Fortune 500 lists, number of employers, global presence and global popularity. They are one of the largest employers of labor. However, this list may be inconclusive as these companies are the top companies businesses in Los Angeles. These are the most famous companies in the world that are based in Los Angeles.

1. The Walt Disney Company
This is a diversified multinational entertainment company with headquarters in California. The company operates in four primary business segments or units:
The Walt Disney Studios; this include films, music recording label, and theatre division.
Parks and Resorts; cruise line and theme parks.
Media Network; this includes the television assets of the company.
Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media; focuses on the manufacturing of toys, clothing, social media, Disney’s internet, computer games, visual works, mobile and other properties.
The Financial Data
The Walt Disney Company has a revenue record of $55.632 billion as at 2016. With an operating income of $15.721 billion, Net income of $9.391 billion, Total assets of $92.033 billion and Total equity of $47.323 billion.

2. Jacobs Engineering Group
This is an international technical company. It was traded as a Fortune 500 company in 2016. It has many companies in the different part of the world including Asia and Africa. The company operates through four business units; Aerospace and Technology, Industrial, Building and Infrastructure, and Petroleum and Chemicals. On August 2, 2017, Jacobs Engineering Group acquired CH2M Hill at a deal of $3.3 billion.
Financial Data
The total revenue of Jacobs Engineering as at 2015 was $12, 114.832 million, with an Operating income of $445.527 million, Net income of $328.882 million, and Total equity $4,291.745 million.

3. Mattel
Mattel is an American multinational company that is into manufacturing of toys. It is listed as a Fortune 500 company in 2014. Its productions include; Monster High dolls, Barbie dolls, Winx dolls and several others. Mattel has offices in over 40 countries and sells products worldwide in over 150 countries with 31,000 employees across the globe. Mattel is the largest toy manufacturer considering its revenue. Mattel has three business units/segments; North American, American Girl, and International.
Financial Data
Mattel financial records are as follows;
Revenue of $5.456 billion
Operating income of $519.23 million
Net income of $318.02 million
Total assets of $6.439 billion
Total equity of $2.407 billion

4. Live Nation Entertainment
Live Nation Entertainment is an American company formed through the coming together of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Its subsidiaries include; Roc Nation, Live Nation Concerts, Ticketmaster, Front Line Management Group, Live Nation Network and AC Entertainment, which was acquired in 2016. Live Nation Entertainment operates, owns, has bookings rights, leases, in many entertainment centers in the United States.
Financial Data
Live Nation Entertainment financial data are as follows;
Revenue amounts of $8.355 billion
Operating income of $180, 89 million
Net income of $2.9s million
Total assets of $6.746 billion
Equity of $1.126 billion.

5. Mercury Insurance Group
This is a multifaceted insurance company offering insurance services for personal automobile, renters, homeowners, and business. It has about 5,100 employees with more than 8000 agents in different states as a form of expansion and a sign of business growth an progression. Mercury was listed by Forbes as one the most trusted financial companies in 2014 through 2016. Mercury has won many awards in its pursuit to render the most outstanding service to its clients and the world at large.
Financial Data
Revenue of about $3.09 billion, Operating income of $70.56 million, profit of $74.47 million, Total assets of $4.62 billion, and Total equity of $1.82 billion.

6. Northrop Grumman Corporation
This company is a global aerospace and defense technology company that was formed by Northrop. Northrop Grumman Corps is ranked the fifth largest defense contractor as at 2015. It has over 68,000 employees. It was listed as a Fortune 500 company in 2015. The company has three business units namely; Aerospace Systems, Technology Service, and Mission Systems. The company has partnered with and affiliated with many international companies.
Financial Data
Northrop Grumman Corporation financial data is reported to have a total revenue of $23.526 billion as at 2015. This company has an operating income of $3.193 billion, profit of $2.220 billion, Total assets of $25.614 billion, and total equity of $5.259 billion.

7. Reliance Steel and Aluminum
This is the largest metals service operator in Los Angeles. It is into the production and distributions of metal products to different end users including manufacturers and fabricators with a product output of about 5.900 million tons and over 14,700 employees. Reliance steel is on the list of Fortune 500.
Financial Data
Revenue of $8.613 billion, Net income of $0.309 billion, Operating income of $0.512 billion, Total assets of $7. 411 billion, and Total equity of $4.148 billion.

8. KB Home
This is a home building company founded in 1957, formerly known as Kaufman and Broad. KB Home was the first company traded on the New York Stock Exchange and was one of Fortune 500 companies from 2000 to 2008. Ever since it was founded, KB Homes has built over 600 homes. It mainly builds homes for first time homeowners. KB Homes has acquired many homebuilder firms as it expands its tentacles into the new markets.
Financial Data
Revenue amounts of $2.40 billion, Net income of $918.3 million, Total assets of $4.76 billion, with total equity of $1.60 billion, as at 2014.

Formerly known as AECOM Technology, this is an engineering company that focuses on constructions, designs, management services and consulting to its vast range of clients. It has about 87, 600 employees in all its subsidiaries. AECOM is one of the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Fortune 500 companies. AECOM is listed under both the New York Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It has also Ben ranked as the #1 Global Design Firm.
Financial Data
This company records amazing figures, with revenue of $17.4 billion, operating income of $535. 19 million, net income of $154. 85 million, total assets of $5.65 billion, and equity of $2.23 billion.

10. Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Oxy is an oil and gas company which focuses on both exploration and production and was founded in 1902. Occidental petroleum is one of the largest American oil and gas companies as at 2015. Occidental Petroleum was listed on the year 2000 Forbes Global and on the Fortune 500 list of 2015. Oxy has about 11, 150 employees and has two business segments; Occidental Oil and Gard s, and Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem).

Financial Data
Revenue of $10.090 billion, operating income of $0.574 billion, profit of $1. 002 billion, Total assets of $43. 109 billion, Total equity $21.497 billion.


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