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Several decades ago, hand-washing of dishes was the only way to get dishes cleaned up. Thanks to the invention of the Dishwasher, dishwashing can now be carried out with ease. When it comes to dishwashing, there are options to get it done effectively, whether for home use or commercial purposes, you will certainly get a dishwasher that suits whatever reason you need it for.

The dishwasher doesn’t fill up. Rather, 2 to 3 gallons of water stay in the lower part of the tub, where it blends with the cleanser and is pumped through the turning shower arms onto the dishes. The wash water depletes and is supplanted by crisp water to flush the dishes.

This cycle is repeated a few times while a clock controls the water volume. A warming component close to the base raises the water temperature to 140 to 160 degrees The component likewise helps dry the dishes after the wash and flush cycles are finished. Pronto! You have your clean dishes, ready for use.

Unfortunately, your experience could be different from that which is described above. As you use your dishwasher, it could develop faults that could be frustrating. How do you now know your dishwasher is faulty when you are not an expert?

While you may not be an expert, it is vital that you know when the time has come to call the attention of the professionals at Viking dishwasher repair. You might need to get in touch with us if:

  • You see water on the floor each time you use your machine;
  • The dishwasher is making a very loud noise;
  • Your dishwasher suddenly won’t  power on.

If you experience these or other conditions, you have a situation at hand. It is time to then call on Viking Dishwasher Repair Los Angeles.

We offers professional, yet affordable repairs for all manner of clients.  We are decent at repairing dishwashers and that is why we are reputable, as a foremost repair organization.




Comfort is presumably one of the greatest advantages of patronizing dishwasher repair. For instance, your dishwasher could develop an issue while you are trying to get a job done. Here you are, you do not have the luxury of time it demands to take it anywhere. What should you do? Simply contact us in no time, the issue is resolved.  Who says you can’t eat your cake and have it?

Spares you the burden of spending extra cash

With so many bills to pay, why spend unnecessarily on  an avoidable issue?  Viking dishwasher repair helps you save money which you could have spent unnecessarily should your dishwasher develop a fault. This is because our team of experts will investigate the entire apparatus, single out where the issue lies and have it settled within the briefest time conceivable.

Even when you pay for the services rendered, the cost  will be no where close to the original cost of getting another dishwasher. Thus, you will spare a significant and considerable measure of cash.

Safety is assured

One of the most dangerous things you can do is to attempt electric repairs without having the required knowledge. You do not really have to put yourself at such risk, our experts are trained for this. These experts know the nitty gritty of repairs, and will make sure you get the best value for every penny spent.

Still not satisfied with the above?  You need to follow these keynotes:

 With several years of repairing dishwashers, Viking dishwasher repair have developed a practical and broad measure of understanding the art of repair.

 With several years of repairing dishwashers, Viking dishwasher repair have developed a practical and broad measure of understanding the art of repair.  Probably your dishwasher  isn’t finishing its cycle, or is not washing the dishes clean enough, our repair experience covers a range of issues which will be promptly attended to when you contact us at Viking dishwasher repair.

  •  Viking Appliance Repair Los Angeles is in the  best position to restore  your dishwasher and get it running without wasting time.
  •  Our team of repair engineers are always ready to take care of your machine expertly. We sort out any repair issue on time,  bearing in mind that you might need the machine the next minute.



Every household with a dishwasher can actually benefit from our service. We charges you moderately. Our fees aren’t way out of your reach, hence, any family can patronize us.

Small Business Proprietor

Perhaps, you are a small business owner who is into food service, health care and other related fields. Every second counts for you, probably because you do not have an assistant, yet your dishwasher suddenly won’t cooperate. Never mind, contact us.

Café Owners

As a chef or cook, the last thing you ever want a fault with, is your dishwasher. Why? It is your instrument of work. Without it, you will move at snail speed, and probably not be able to attend to all your numerous customers.  Your dishwasher doesn’t understand that, it has refused to work. Relax, there is help just around the corner.

Landed Property Agents

As a landed property agent, your objective is to help your customers purchase comfortable apartments, where everything is in perfect working condition.  When there are necessary repairs to be carried out on gadgets and machines such as dishwashers, you need our service so that you can deliver homes with best value and concentrate on securing other deals.

Supervisors of Facilities

One of the core responsibilities of a  facilities manager is to ensure that a facility and the gadgets there are kept in proper condition. As different tenants rent and lease apartments, the dish washer might need to be tuned up. When this is the case, our service will come to your rescue.

Companies And Organizations

Whether your company has just one dishwasher or several of it, Viking dishwasher repair Los Angeles is well positioned to meet your repair needs. Our experts are up to date with the new technology, which most manufacturers utilize in building their dishwashers. Hence, we will promptly attend to your organization’s repair needs.

We have  a good number of professional expert who are also here at Viking Appliance Repair Los Angeles to provide you Refrigerators Repair Service.

We, Viking Appliance Repair Los Angeles are providing repair service of various types appliances. If you are looking for Dryer Repair Service in Los Angeles, Please give us a call.


Q: What sorts of dishwashers do you handle at Viking Dishwasher Repair?

A: Once it is a dishwasher, we can effectively handle it. Whether it is new or old, just call our attention.

Q: Would you render home service?

A: Why not. Your comfort is our concern. our expert technicians will not hesitate to come around to your apartment after due arrangements have been made. We also respect your privacy, and would  stay within the agreed boundaries.

Q: Are your fees affordable?

A:  As far as we are concerned,  every penny our clients spend matters. Therefore,  we charge with modesty. We also ensure that your dishwasher is accurately examined for faults after which we estimate the cost, based on what needs to be repaired. In all, our charges are affordable.

  1. Can I be sure my dishwasher needs repair at all?

A:  As a professional outfit, we carry out an assessment of your dishwasher after you call our attention. We also relay to you the issues discovered. If a repair is necessary, you will be told and if otherwise, you will be duly informed.

Q: Would you provide replacements for faulty parts?

A: Yes, at Viking dishwasher repair, our team of experts are well trained to replace any faulty part in a dishwasher.

Viking dishwasher repair is simply your one stop shop for repairs on every type of dishwasher. We ease you of the stress of handwashing.

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