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You will agree that home-cooked meals are a great way to bring a family together. And even if you do not have a family of your own, or simply own a restaurant, you cannot deny the joy that comes with having a well prepared meal. Well, when it comes to enjoying a great meal, the kitchen stove obviously is one of the most important conveniences behind it.

Without the direct heat from them, it is almost impossible to cook a great meal; and this can bring limitations to those mealtimes we have come to cherish. So, we understand how inconvenient it is, and how frustrated you feel when your kitchen stove breaks down. As a result, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that a malfunctioning kitchen stove doesn’t affect quality mealtime with your friends and loved ones.

Do you have trouble making your stove heat up? Perhaps it won’t even come up at all? You need not worry. If you are in Los Angeles, you are only a call away from solving all your stove problems. We quickly identify the fault in your stove with our efficient troubleshooting skills at Viking stove repair Los Angeles; and in no time we see to it that the heat returns back to your stove.


Every chef knows that without a stove, nothing much can be done in the kitchen. The frying, the steaming, the roasting and even the baking require the kitchen stove. But most importantly, the stove should be in good working condition – coming on when it is required and providing regular high or low heat when regulated.

If the stove in your kitchen doesn’t seem to be regulating as should be, then it’s time to call in Viking stove repair Los Angeles

Thanks to the kitchen stove and the effort of the housewife of course, many families can enjoy quality time together over a great home-cooked meal.

But if your stove starts acting up, threatening the quality time you and your family share; Viking stove repair Los Angeles can easily identify what the problem is and fix it immediately.

If you enjoy home-cooked meals, nothing should stand in the way of that. Not even a malfunctioning kitchen stove.

Viking stove repair Los Angeles ensures that you can cook yourself a delicious dinner after a busy day. And that your weekend with friends and loved ones go as smoothly as planned.


Highly skilled technicians

Viking stove repair Los Angeles is made up of a team of highly skilled technicians. Our technicians are not just well trained; they also have vast experience in stove repairs. There is absolutely no problem they cannot handle.Whether your stove won’t come up at all, or the heat is erratic, they know just how to troubleshoot and fix these faults.

In addition, Viking stove repair Los Angeles technicians are courteous, dependable and trustworthy; and are always ready to answer your questions.

Incredible customer service

One major thing that puts Viking stove repair Los Angeles a step ahead of others is our incredible customer service. Our services are time efficient, and our schedules are flexible.

We are always quick to respond as soon as youcall on us. And we answer every question you have patiently.

Our technicians are dependable and dedicated. They show up at your doorstep as soon as you want them to; and you can trust them to diligently solve whatever problem your kitchen stove has.

Cost efficient repairs

We also offer affordable services. Perhaps you are considering whether to get a new stove. Well, now you don’t have to. Why do you have to get a new stove, when the cost of repairing your old one at Viking stove repair Los Angeles is less by 60 percent?

We do not charge by the hour, but for the task alone. And you don’t have to do anything at all.Just call us and we will take care of every other thing.

Durable repairs

Have you ever had a repairman take a look at your stove only to notice the same problems afterwards? Yes it may happen with others, butIt doesn’t happen with Viking stove repair Los Angeles. We have a 5 star customer rating for durable repairs.

Our stove technicians are well trained and certified to work on all types of stove whether electric, gas or coal. We also have the necessary tools, as well as good quality replacement parts.There is definitely no how that stove problem can resurface after our technicians have fixed it.


It gets more interesting. Viking stove repair Los Angelesalso offers various discounts. Although our service is relatively cheap, we have made it even cheaper with our discount coupons.

As a way to welcome our new clients, we offer a $25 discount when you request our services for the first time. We also offer a $30 discount to senior citizens and a $50 discount for commercial appliances. All you have to do is show your discount coupon at the point of payment, and your cost will be drastically reduced.

Clearly, we care about customers and we want them to continue enjoying home-cooked meal at no additional cost.


• We respond quickly: we always have technicians on standby, and immediately dispatch them to your house as soon as we get your call. No other stove repairman responds as fast as we do. It is even made better by our flexible schedule. This means that we are ready to come to your aid anytime you call.

• We are time efficient: because our technicians are skilled and experienced, they know exactly what to do with your faulty stove. Our technicians perform quick and efficient troubleshooting. And as soon as they determine the issue, they go straight to work like the professionals they are. That way you can get back to your kitchen duties in no time.

• We clean up afterwards: our technicians are professionals and they clean up after working on your stove. You don’t have to worry about parts lying around the house, or how to clean off the grease left on your stove anymore.

• We fix every stove problem: our technicians are trained to fix all kinds of stove, whether coal, electric or gas cookers. Therefore, there is no problem they cannot handle. Be rest assured that your stove will be in good working condition as soon as we take a look at it.


Q: Do you replace parts if need be?

A: Yes, at Viking stove repair Los Angeles our technicians can replace parts on gas and electric stoves.

Q: Can you identify the problem with my stove without taking it away?

A: Yes we can. When you give us acall, our technicians know just what to take along to your house.

Q: How long does it take to make the cook top element heat up?

A: It may take about an hour to inspect the burner elements, switch and terminal block; and just a few minutes to get any of these to function properly again.

Q: Can you make my oven program?

A: Usually, a faulty control board is the reason your oven won’t program; and our technicians know how to fix this.


At Viking Appliance Repair Service, we have all it takes. With our skilled technicians, timely response, incredible customer service and affordability; there is absolutely nothing stopping you and your loved ones from having a quality time over home-cooked meals.

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