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A refrigerator is a common and important appliance in every home. The benefits of refrigeration cannot be ignored as refrigerators are used to preserve, cool and store food. The cooling effect of refrigeration helps to preserve cooked or perishable food for longer periods that are normally impossible and this helps to save money. Also, during  seasons when the temperature rises or in countries or regions of the world with high temperatures, the body needs to cool down most of the time and it is a wonderful feeling when one can just walk up to a refrigerator and pull out a bottle of cold water to drink.

But what happens when we lose those happy moments? What happens when our refrigerators no more work the way they used to? A faulty refrigerator means you no longer get to enjoy cool beverages or preserve perishable food and it can be really saddening. Refrigerators are electrical appliances that will usually develop faults in their service to its owner. Most people try to find and solve these problems themselves but it is advisable to seek the services of a professional refrigerator technician because attempting to fix the problem yourself may worsen the problem or damage the equipment totally.

At Viking refrigerator repair service in Los Angeles, we offer quick and efficient refrigerator repair services at an affordable rate.




Thanks to the effect of refrigerators, housewives can prepare and preserve delicious meals for the family to enjoy for a longer time. It also becomes easy to make home-favorite snacks like ice cream or pasteries in the home.

When the refrigerator does not preserve food as much as it used to, then you should put a call to Viking refrigerator repair Los Angeles.


For the storage of baked or cooked food, meat and other edible items, chefs know the importance of the refrigerator in their everyday activities, so they cannot imagine a day without one. A refrigerator in good working condition provides comfort and peace of mind.

But when it’s cooling and freezing effects begin to decline, then its time to call us!


On a hot sunny day, it is easy for anyone to walk up to a refrigerator and a glass of cold water or juice, all thanks to the cooling effect created by refrigerators.

Viking refrigerator repair Los Angeles ensures you keep enjoying those moments that you cherish even when you hang out with friends on the weekend. We are here to make sure that a malfunctioning refrigerator does not spoil your fun.



Professional Technicians

Our expert refrigerator technicians are highly skilled. They are well trained and have a strong experience in refrigerator repairs. Expect us at your doorstep in a short time after you put a call through to us.

They carry out different diagnostics to identify and fix any problem with your refrigerator in good time, whether it is cooling problems, leakages or noises.

Our technicians are very good, dependable and professional and we assure you of a pleasant and quality service.

Great customer service

The customer service team at Viking refrigerator repair Los Angeles is very commendable as our previous clients have attested. We know a lot about appliances and offer answers and solutions to every requests or questions you might have.

Viking refrigerator technicians will even give you a guideline through the phone to address any issue you might be having so that you do not waste money over a minor issue. We go the extra mile to ensure your refrigerator is brought back to a good working condition through flexible schedules to give you the best service.


Interestingly, Our company also offers discounts on various repair services. We offer $25 discount when new clients require our services. We also offer $30 discount when we handle repair services for senior citizens and $50 off for commercial appliances. This shows how much we care about our clients and also go the extra mile to satisfy them.

A lasting warranty

For each refrigerator repair, our clients enjoy a 3-year warranty. This only shows the durability of our repair services. We know that refrigerators do not come cheap and so we would not want our clients purchasing new ones or sending them to factories for repair which would cost more.

Durable repairs

Viking Appliacne Repair Service has been providing in-house refrigerator repairs for a long time and has built a solid reputation through durable repairs. Customers are consistently satisfied with our repair works, and this can be seen in online reviews.

We have established a name in durable refrigerator repairs over many years, with genuine and manufacturer’s parts. With many years of experience, we provide dependable and durable services to residents of Los Angeles and its surroundings. For all your refrigerators repairs, count our service to deliver.

Fast and affordable repairs

Is your refrigerator not working efficiently anymore, we can diagnose the problem at a fair and affordable rate. No matter how simple or complex your refrigerator unit is, Refrigerator repair Service at viking appliance offers repairs that can get your fridge back to the business of preserving food at a fast and inexpensive rate, so your food does not go bad.

With us, you will not have to waste time haggling over the price of your refrigerator repair and we promise to have your repair done in no time.



  • We get the job done

Our refrigerator repair technicians are well trained to handle all kinds of refrigerator, no matter the size or type. There is no problem they will fail to troubleshoot. We guarantee that your refrigerator will be in a perfect working condition after we are done with it.

  • We are timely

We send our technicians to your house as soon as you give us a call. This has gotten us a good reputation among our clients. We work on a schedule that makes our technicians available each time you need us. We offer same day repair services, just have to schedule an appointment with us.

  • We strive to deliver the best repair service

Our mission at Viking refrigerator repair Los Angeles is to give our customers a quality service that wil last for a very long time. We believe that the trust we build with our customers is what keeps them coming back to us with their refrigerator repair needs. We ensure we meet up with our customers needs and leave them satisfied each time.


We are not only providing refrigerator repair service in your area, we have expert technicians to solve your microwave oven problems too. Contact us for Viking Oven Repair Service in no time.



Q: My refrigerator is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Does Vikings do warranty work?

A: Yes. Viking refrigerator repair Los Angeles provides warranty service on refrigerators.

Q: Do you replace parts if necessary:

A: Yes, our technicians replace parts on refrigerators

Q: My refrigerator is fairly new but does not cool food items properly. Can you fix it?

A: Yes we can. We fix any problem with your refrigerator that has to do with cooling.

Q: Can you fix the problem without taking the refrigerator away?

A: We don’t have to take the refrigerator away. Our technicians go with the necessary tools.


Viking refrigerator repair Los Angeles ensures a level of quality that you can rely on. Our technicians are properly trained to handle the issue whenever and wherever possible in good time and at a little cost to ensure you keep enjoying the use of your refrigerator.

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